Set basic product

The most basic product, it has a fixed traffic value
Please go back to your whmcs management panel and enter the server management page, the path is [Setup]→[Products/Services]→[Products/Services]

Create a new group

Please click "Create a new group" to create a product group first, After entering the basic information, click "Save and modify" to complete the creation
new group

Create a New Product

Create a new product
Please click "Create a new product" to create a new product, Please follow the requirements below
  • Select "other" for product type
  • Select "V2RaySocks" for the module
  • Close "Create as Hidden"
set product price
Set product price,We recommend you to use the recurring billing model
config products
Set the "Server Group" and the traffic information contained in this product on the "Module Settings" setting page
  • Select V2RaySocks for the module name
  • Select the server group set in the previous step
  • Database, fill in the server name(DBname) set in the previous step
  • Reset Bandwidth, choose according to your needs
  • Subscribe, select enable
  • Two speed limits must be filled in
Please select the mode of product activation, and recommend the second item, then click “Save Changes” to save it