Reality example

Reality is the latest feature of XrayR
Network json example
In XrayR config
Level: warning # Log level: none, error, warning, info, debug
AccessPath: # /etc/XrayR/access.Log
ErrorPath: # /etc/XrayR/error.log
DnsConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/dns.json # Path to dns config, check for help
RouteConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/route.json # Path to route config, check for help
InboundConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/custom_inbound.json # Path to custom inbound config, check for help
OutboundConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/custom_outbound.json # Path to custom outbound config, check for help
Handshake: 4 # Handshake time limit, Second
ConnIdle: 30 # Connection idle time limit, Second
UplinkOnly: 2 # Time limit when the connection downstream is closed, Second
DownlinkOnly: 4 # Time limit when the connection is closed after the uplink is closed, Second
BufferSize: 64 # The internal cache size of each connection, kB
- PanelType: "V2RaySocks" # Panel type: SSpanel, NewV2board, PMpanel, Proxypanel, V2RaySocks, GoV2Panel
ApiHost: ""
ApiKey: "123456789"
NodeID: 18
NodeType: V2ray # Node type: V2ray, Shadowsocks, Trojan, Shadowsocks-Plugin
Timeout: 30 # Timeout for the api request
EnableVless: false # Enable Vless for V2ray Type
VlessFlow: "xtls-rprx-vision" # Only support vless
SpeedLimit: 0 # Mbps, Local settings will replace remote settings, 0 means disable
DeviceLimit: 0 # Local settings will replace remote settings, 0 means disable
RuleListPath: # /etc/XrayR/rulelist Path to local rulelist file
DisableCustomConfig: false # disable custom config for sspanel
ListenIP: # IP address you want to listen
SendIP: # IP address you want to send pacakage
UpdatePeriodic: 60 # Time to update the nodeinfo, how many sec.
EnableDNS: false # Use custom DNS config, Please ensure that you set the dns.json well
DNSType: AsIs # AsIs, UseIP, UseIPv4, UseIPv6, DNS strategy
EnableProxyProtocol: false # Only works for WebSocket and TCP
Limit: 0 # Warned speed. Set to 0 to disable AutoSpeedLimit (mbps)
WarnTimes: 0 # After (WarnTimes) consecutive warnings, the user will be limited. Set to 0 to punish overspeed user immediately.
LimitSpeed: 0 # The speedlimit of a limited user (unit: mbps)
LimitDuration: 0 # How many minutes will the limiting last (unit: minute)
Enable: false # Enable the global device limit of a user
RedisAddr: # The redis server address
RedisPassword: YOUR PASSWORD # Redis password
RedisDB: 0 # Redis DB
Timeout: 5 # Timeout for redis request
Expiry: 60 # Expiry time (second)
EnableFallback: false # Only support for Trojan and Vless
FallBackConfigs: # Support multiple fallbacks
- SNI: # TLS SNI(Server Name Indication), Empty for any
Alpn: # Alpn, Empty for any
Path: # HTTP PATH, Empty for any
Dest: 80 # Required, Destination of fallback, check for details.
ProxyProtocolVer: 0 # Send PROXY protocol version, 0 for disable
DisableLocalREALITYConfig: true # disable local reality config
EnableREALITY: true # Enable REALITY
Show: true # Show REALITY debug
Dest: # Required, Same as fallback
ProxyProtocolVer: 0 # Send PROXY protocol version, 0 for disable
ServerNames: # Required, list of available serverNames for the client, * wildcard is not supported at the moment.
PrivateKey: UHbimvF4iU0kCSu12cevSKzuM0cnAM0SVgLlPivSJ0Y # Required, execute './xray x25519' to generate.
MinClientVer: # Optional, minimum version of Xray client, format is x.y.z.
MaxClientVer: # Optional, maximum version of Xray client, format is x.y.z.
MaxTimeDiff: 0 # Optional, maximum allowed time difference, unit is in milliseconds.
ShortIds: # Required, list of available shortIds for the client, can be used to differentiate between different clients.
- ""
- 0123456789abcdef
CertMode: dns # Option about how to get certificate: none, file, http, tls, dns. Choose "none" will forcedly disable the tls config.
CertDomain: "" # Domain to cert
CertFile: /etc/XrayR/cert/ # Provided if the CertMode is file
KeyFile: /etc/XrayR/cert/
Provider: alidns # DNS cert provider, Get the full support list here:
DNSEnv: # DNS ENV option used by DNS provider
DisableLocalREALITYConfig: true