XrayR as backend

In the new version of V2RaySocks, web_api is already supported, making it possible to use XrayR as a backend

inInstall XrayR

Install XrayR in vps using following command
wget -N https://raw.githubusercontent.com/XrayR-project/XrayR-release/master/install.sh && bash install.sh

Modify the configuration file

Modify configuration files located in /etc/XrayR/, named config.yml
Level: warning # Log level: none, error, warning, info, debug
AccessPath: # /etc/XrayR/access.Log
ErrorPath: # /etc/XrayR/error.log
DnsConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/dns.json # Path to dns config, check https://xtls.github.io/config/dns.html for help
RouteConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/route.json # Path to route config, check https://xtls.github.io/config/routing.html for help
InboundConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/custom_inbound.json # Path to custom inbound config, check https://xtls.github.io/config/inbound.html for help
OutboundConfigPath: # /etc/XrayR/custom_outbound.json # Path to custom outbound config, check https://xtls.github.io/config/outbound.html for help
Handshake: 4 # Handshake time limit, Second
ConnIdle: 30 # Connection idle time limit, Second
UplinkOnly: 2 # Time limit when the connection downstream is closed, Second
DownlinkOnly: 4 # Time limit when the connection is closed after the uplink is closed, Second
BufferSize: 64 # The internal cache size of each connection, kB
PanelType: "V2RaySocks" # Panel type: SSpanel, V2board, PMpanel, Proxypanel, V2RaySocks
ApiHost: "https://yourdomain.com/modules/addons/v2raysocks_nodes/web_api.php"
ApiKey: "x3QNbQY4fLU"
NodeID: 3
NodeType: V2ray # Node type: V2ray, Shadowsocks, Trojan, Shadowsocks-Plugin
Timeout: 30 # Timeout for the api request
EnableVless: false # Enable Vless for V2ray Type
EnableXTLS: false # Enable XTLS for V2ray and Trojan
SpeedLimit: 0 # Mbps, Local settings will replace remote settings, 0 means disable
DeviceLimit: 0 # Local settings will replace remote settings, 0 means disable
RuleListPath: # /etc/XrayR/rulelist Path to local rulelist file
ListenIP: # IP address you want to listen
SendIP: # IP address you want to send pacakage
UpdatePeriodic: 60 # Time to update the nodeinfo, how many sec.
EnableDNS: false # Use custom DNS config, Please ensure that you set the dns.json well
DNSType: AsIs # AsIs, UseIP, UseIPv4, UseIPv6, DNS strategy
EnableProxyProtocol: false # Only works for WebSocket and TCP
EnableFallback: false # Only support for Trojan and Vless
FallBackConfigs: # Support multiple fallbacks
SNI: # TLS SNI(Server Name Indication), Empty for any
Alpn: # Alpn, Empty for any
Path: # HTTP PATH, Empty for any
Dest: 80 # Required, Destination of fallback, check https://xtls.github.io/config/features/fallback.html for details.
ProxyProtocolVer: 0 # Send PROXY protocol version, 0 for dsable
CertMode: file # Option about how to get certificate: none, file, http, dns. Choose "none" will forcedly disable the tls config.
CertDomain: "node.gjffjfzxjh.club" # Domain to cert
CertFile: /etc/XrayR/fullchain.crt # Provided if the CertMode is file
KeyFile: /etc/XrayR/private.pem
Provider: alidns # DNS cert provider, Get the full support list here: https://go-acme.github.io/lego/dns/
DNSEnv: # DNS ENV option used by DNS provider
in V2RaySocks Nodes Manager
in WHMCS addons setting
in V2RaySocks Nodes Manager
corresponding to the corresponding node

Start XrayR

Enter the command XrayR in the VPS and select the corresponding option to start